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Moderno Mk.I Release

For those that have seen the teaser on the Share your SensorPanel page, it’s finally here!

Been working on this for some time now and I’m happy to release the final version to the updated skin that was so popular on here.

It was awesome to see so many customize the original skin to their likings. Therefore I updated my first version to a more clean and modern design for 2023. I have also included the Roboto font family (by Christian Robertson) and 60+ popular brand logos for you to customize your sensor panel. If you have a bit of design/computer knowledge you can change the fonts and change the colors with design programs like Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator. I have included all the images and vector artwork to make it easier for you to customize this skin to your builds.

I have also created a mini website to display the sensor panel and provide a download link to a ZIP file that also includes the required font for the themed sensor panel. If you want to use the FPS for in game monitoring, you will need to download Guru3D RTSS RivaTurner Statistics Server. Otherwise, you can “hide” the FPS for a cleaner look.

For those wondering what screen I use to support this resolution – I use Waveshare 7inch Capacitive Touch Screen LCD (H) with Case, 1024×600, HDMI, IPS, Various Systems Support which you can pick up on Amazon (CDN | USD) for relatively cheap. Otherwise, you can use any display that supports 1920×1080.

This sensor panel, like the original is scaled for 1920×1080 display resolutions. Therefore it will not work properly on higher or lower resolutions. In order to rescale, I would have to redesign to each resolution, which would be extremely time consuming. 1920×1080 might be a bit overkill for a stats monitor, but I prefer the highest resolution possible for a 7″ screen. This was the most requested feature, but I decided to focus strictly on 1920×1080.

If you like to download and test drive the Moderno Mk.I Sensor Panel visit:

I hope you all enjoy the refreshed design update, Cheers!

Please do not create derivative works based on the original artwork for the purpose to distribute and/or sell the artwork as your own or myself. Do not display the artwork on social media without my prior consent. All logos and trademarks used in the Moderno Mk.I Sensor Panel are property of their respected company and are not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed.

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